September 2023


Join us for our special open houses! Each year we open up the Lee School a couple of times so the public can step back in time and experience a 19th century, one room schoolhouse. Our volunteer school marms provide a unique experience!

Look for the Lawrence Chapel open house in the spring and fall. Visitors will be able to see this beautiful old chapel build for the Lawrence family. Check out our events calendar for the times of open houses at all four of our locations.

Programs: Walks and Talks

There are several walks throughout Watkins Glen scheduled during the warmer months. Join Schuyler County Historian Gary Emerson, or Burdett Historian Marty Evans, as they showcase the many facades and locations of Watkins Glen that have stood the test of time. All walks are free of charge and start from the Seneca Harbor Pier.

Village of Burdett Historian, Marty Evans, guides a walk or two as well through this quaint little town, showcasing the various architectural styles that have survived the past 200 years. All walks are free of charge and start from the Burdett Bell.

Each year we sponsor several history talks throughout Schuyler County. Over the years, the topics have covered numerous aspects of our rich local history. These talke are presented by some of our local historians, passionate lovers of history, local experts, and local authors. Most talks are free and open to the public. Sometimes however, there is a fee if it is a special event.


For Children: Look out for our Traveling Docent Program in the near future. Our goal is to get back into the schools, and provide, free of charge, a small lesson and hands on experiences for K-12 students right in the schools.

For Adults/Families: We will, as often as possible, offer up some small classes (for a nominal fee) to learn about and create pieces of history.

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